Max Mara is the italian representative of the pret-a-porter style; more than 50 years delights tasteful proposals and responding to the needs of demanding clients.

It’s the tradition that combines elements of tailoring school with new fresh ideas. Max Mara it’s also the diversity of lines which give the women the total look: from coats and jackets finishing on the accessories, leather goods and perfume. Max Mara gives women a way to identify, the Max Mara women dressed up just for herself, not for show. Max Mara woman always feels freely, beautifully and comfortably. Max Mara interprets the beauty of a women primarily as an expression of her personality and her interior.


There are 7 lines of the Max Mara so every woman can find something suitable for every occasion:


Max Mara – feminine line designed for an elegant businesswoman, who has classic and modern style. Wears from this line are made from high quality materials such as silk, cashmere, wool; also the accessory belts, sunglasses, handbags, shoes. Max Mara it’s a perfect balance between the fabrics, details and accessories.

Sportmax – this is the proposition for bold determined women who likes to stand out from the crowd. Collection contains strong design elements, news from the fashion world, style varies from season to season.

Sportmax code - single pieces, puzzle, sports with the possibility of combinations among themselves - skirts, trousers t-shirts. Style is fresh, young and lively. It’s a Youth Line.

S’Max Mara - products made ??from natural fabrics such as linen, cashmere and leather. The entire collection complements a wide range of accessories.

Weekend – this line is loose, quite a sport collection, coloful. Collection is for dynamic women for every day and leisure time. The line is characterized by simplicity and versatility: comfortable baggy pants, loose sweaters and tshirts.

Max Mara Elegante - collection for the evening, wedding ceremony, special occasions. Line is exclusive and feminine, characterized by the most precious elements. In the proposals: always cocktail dresses, evening dresses, occasional dresses, made ??from the noblest silks.

Max Mara Accessories – accessories are perfect complement to all the lines .Great bags, wallets, belts and watches, with a great sense of style.