Marella is an Italian fashion company belonging to the Max Mara Fashion Group.


As a separate brand exists since 1988 and has evolved steadily in the international market. Over the years the brand has developed position in offering the highest quality products. You can find Marella’s stores in all of the fashion capitals: Milan, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and Poland.


Brand is known from the luxurious fabrics and perfect execution of clothes. The collection consists of the several unusual lines: Marella, iBlues, Summer B, Marella Sport corresponding to the different needs of clients. Collections are worked out in every single detail; elegant suits perfect for work, and evening dresses, in unique and comfortable styles perfect for leisure time. Wide range of accessories including a line of shoes, bags, scarves complements the entire collection. Marella is designed for women who is sensitive for a fashion, and confident of her femininity.


Marella woman is not afraid to experiment, to follow the latest trends often combining them with classics and individual style. Marella - MAIN LINE provides a wide range of garments perfect screening at work: costumes, elegant skirts and trousers, sweaters, shirts, coats - a broad proposal for a dynamic, self-confident woman.. The line combines elegant timeless classics with the latest trends.

Marella Sport - that line is perfect for leisure time, as well as every work day, when formal attire is not required. The line is characterized by wide range of details, superior tailoring and materials, variety of colors - that make a collection comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

I BLUES – this line also exists as a separate brand. Ultra stylish, elegant and feminine includes news from the world of fashion.

SUMMER B – it’s a sporty chic including fashion trends, less formal and youth line.

INSERIMENTO AND FLASH - the collection created for special occasions, twice a year - during Christmas and New Year as well as for the spring. Precious materials such as silk, georgette, taffeta. Details and finishing are very important - embroidery, sequins, lace; and accessories: shoes, handbags, scarves.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS - SARTORIA is a project based on the careful traditional tailoring, jackets and coats - all Made in Italy, finished with great attention, precise details. Timeless classic jackets and coats delight the most demanding clients.

ACCESSORIES - collection of accessories is always matched in color and style to the main collection of Marella. A wide selection of shoes, bags, belts, scarves, sunglasses designed for every occasion as a complement to image or as a gift.